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Fake Background Sounds for Phone Calls

Phone call background sounds

We have the call background sounds you need.

 - Need to make that phone call from somewhere other than where you are? No problem.
 - Need an excuse for being late?              No problem.
 - Are you late for an appointment?           No problem.
 - Did you stay too long at happy hour?     No problem.

We have the call background sound disguises  you need. Do you need phone call background noise 
that sounds like traffic, or a crying baby? No problem. With fake background sounds you 
can be wherever you want!

Problem Solution Call Background Sound Player
Overslept, late for work.

Departed too late, impossible to be where you need to be on time.

 Instant traffic jam noise.
Can't make it in to work. Background sound of sick, crying baby that needs to go to the doctor.

More Call Sounds

Sound Player
Busy Restaurant
Airport Boarding Area
Sports Stadium


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