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The Sounds of Nature by Joe Baker

Listen to the difference!


Quality and Comparison Chart

Consideration The Sounds of Nature
by Joe Baker Series
Other Companies
Sound Quality The Best!
Pure digital from start to finish!
Beware of transfers from old analog recordings to CD format.
Track Length The Longest!
Most of our recordings are 73 continuous minutes.  This allows steady, uninterrupted ambient sound.
Often contain several tracks on each CD preventing continuous play.
Looping (Repeat Play) Capability A fade in at the beginning and a fade out at the end allow smooth repeat play to create a steady ambient sound. Some yes, some no.
Authentic Sound The Best!
All of our recordings are based on field recordings.  They are not based on short, repeating sound effect loops and they are not based on synthesizers.
Many "nature sounds" CD's are based on short repeating loops or synthesized sound. This yields a monotonous recording.
Extraneous Noises and Distracting Sounds None!
No music, no birds, no insects, no distractions.
Many CD's have periodic bird noises. Birds signal a time to wake, not a time to sleep.
Sound Normalization Yes!
(Except for the Storm CD's, which require a very large dynamic range) Except as noted, our recordings are normalized to eliminate volume spikes that could prevent sleep and relaxation.
Some yes, some no.
Customer Ratings Five Stars!
Ratings can change over time, but all of our CD's currently have or have had five star customer ratings on sites such as Amazonmp3.com.


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Last modified: March 24, 2009